Anabelle Badilla

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By Anabelle Badilla

One weekend, my officemate and I were invited by a friend to take a break at Costa Aguada, a beautiful island resort in Guimaras.  It was my first time to travel by water in a pump boat for the whole one-hour and a half.  As we were docking, I kept admiring the clear, blue water and saying aloud how much I wished I could jump into it and swim.  But it would be impossible for me to do that as I have a terrible fear of deep waters.  I can swim but never in waters above my head.  My companions didn’t stop coaxing me to try it and reminding me that my other chance might not come anymore.

Christmas In A Bag

By Anabelle Badilla

When I was a kid I used to think that Christmas is as simple as exchanging gifts and hanging socks on the wall. The rest of the details like attending dawn Mass and yawning the whole time and helping my mother prepare the Noche Buena were as unexciting and ordinary as fixing my bed each morning. But one day in my adult life, I found out the real meaning of Christmas.

Pulupandan Rejoices

By Annabelle Badilla

Everyone was quiet and solemn watching the young priest lie face-down on the floor while the choir was singing the litany of the saints. Then afterwards all the priests present laid their hands on Ricci’s head, passing on to him the power of priesthood.