Brendan Lovett

A Dragon Not For The Killing

By Brendan Lovett

Fr. Brendan Lovett was interviewed by the Far East on his book A dragon not for the killing. Fr. Lovett is one of the leading theologians in Asia and this study on his thoughts on ‘consumerism’ will reward the reader with some very valuable insights. You may have to read it twice carefully, but it is worth it.

Q: What are the main issues you address in your most recent book ‘A Dragon not of the Killing?’

A: There is really only one issue unifying the whole book. It is the effort to clarify authentic human development. For over 30 years I have grown in the conviction that the meaning given to development in our times is deeply mistaken. We have mis-defined what is humanly desirable. The prevailing ‘wisdom’ about how to achieve happiness and fulfillment is mistaken.