Bro. Raul FC

The Roof Sleepers

By Bro. Raul, FC

Pakistan is a country of extreme temperatures from fabulous snow up to a scorching 50 degree centigrade. Bro. Raul, FC tells us how he had and his companions manage to survive away from the Philippines.

On the Roof

Its summers time again in Pakistan. Since the heat and humidity make our room like and oven, we sleep on the rooftop. Nowadays we (brothers and novices) call ourselves “Sleepers on the Roof”. I enjoy being with my brothers and novices on the roof. When we are all on the rooftop we support one another and laugh together at this terrible summer. Its’ not easy though, but life must go on. We have to wake up early, so our prayers, studies and apostolate. We take a long rest after lunch. Nobody can go out at noontime when the temperature is almost fifty degrees centigrade!