Cathyne Alla Costales

Our Hideaway

It is our delight to introduce to you this new section in Misyon – Our Hideaway. A venue for the youth to express themselves and to share with our readers their mind, their heart and their soul. We are inviting you – students and young professionals – to drop by Our Hideaway and let us know how you are doing.


By Cathyne Alla Costales

Joy was a rape victim. I met her when I was in college. I was on my senior year of college then and she was a freshman. I first met her at the Negros Women’s Center where I was having my research for an article for our school paper. I was sitting on a couch in the lobby, too preoccupied with reading the materials I had gathered that I hardly noticed Joy sitting beside me. I gave her a smile seeing her in our school uniform, which I was not wearing at that time. Thinking that Joy was a cousin or daughter of one of the staff of Negros Women’s Center, I didn’t mind at all when she tried to take a peek at my materials. Before I knew it, Joy began telling me her story, and I found myself listening. There was a trace of innocence in every word that came out of Joy’s mouth – but it was coupled with distress. Her words were filled with horrors and nightmare of a young woman trapped and abused.