Cherry Mee T. Degoro

Healing Of A Broken Life

By: Cherry Mee T. Degoro

The author contributed to Our Hideaway in March-April 2006

I am an avid reader of this God-given magazine. I’ve been enjoying the fruits of Misyon for almost a decade now. The hectic schedule during college years wasn’t reason enough for me to set aside any issue of Misyon. During semestral and summer breaks, reading and rereading Misyon issues from cover to cover also become my inevitable recreation. I can’t help feeling thankful to all the staff and contributors of Misyon. Every time I read an issue, especially vocation stories, I felt inspired and renewed. Then and now, Misyon has continually helped me in discerning and nurturing what vocation to respond to. With God’s grace I feel that I’m almost done in discerning the vocation I’m called to. Thanks to Misyon for being part of the process.


By Cherry Mee T. Degoro

One of the best features of Misyon is the youth page. I wish, one day, through this best feature I could pay tribute to my best teacher.