Claire De Brit

Restoring The Years Which The Locusts Have Eaten

By Claire De Brit

The author of this little life story, Claire De Brit, has been through her own spiritual journey, a journey which at times involve darkness and suffering. But in recent years, Claire feels that she has come out into the light. Her youngest child made a decision which Claire felt was going to destroy her life. This new light helped Claire know what to do. Here she tells us the simple tale which will mean so much to some mothers and fathers who read this.

When I was a child my family said the rosary every night – on our knees, faces into chairs and off we went. My memory of this is of impatience and feelings of utter boredom. I was restless and ill-at-ease. As I grew up and eased away from the family circle I also eased away from the rosary. In school when the nuns recited it I automatically turned off; I had absolutely no interest at all and found it long and boring. Then I married, and had three children and we never recited the rosary. However as time went on and I began to slow down a little bit I would hear the rosary prayed in my local church. It seemed to have a new sound and I felt drawn a little at a time.