Cyril C. Beltran CICM

Home Along the Riles

By Cyril C. Beltran, CICM

Along the ‘riles’ of the Sta. Mesa parcel in Manila, three CICM students prepare to be missionaries by leaving the protective walls of the seminary and living with the poor. Cyril Beltran shares his experience.

No Room To Swing the Cat

I was last June 16 when Betoy, Erick and I enthusiastically transferred to this place situated along the railway. Most of the people living here came from different parts of the country, specifically from Bicol and Surigao. We are renting a room that is rather small. in fact. We can only accommodate three chairs besides ourselves and other basic necessities such as a pail, cooking utensils, plates. It is around here our daily life revolves; we eat, study, and sleep in the same room. If we would have a table in this room, literally, we could not move anymore. So, in our life here creativity really plays a vital role. Writing, reading, studying, term and reflection paper are done sitting. Thus, the chairs have become very important in our life.