Dalisay Barrera Sena Yu

My Gratitude To Columban Missionaries

By Dalisay Barrera Sena Yu

The author expresses her gratitude to Columban missionaries in Olongapo City and shares some of her experiences in Zambia, where she and her husband worked. She now works in Japan and has children in Australia and the Cayman Islands. Last year she became the proud grandmother of twin boys.

I am pleased to read your magazine as it reminds me of my happy days in Columban College, Olongapo City, where I finished my high school and college education. I was a Catechist under the Columban Fathers and an active Student Catholic Action (SCA) Cell leader when Columban Sister Una was our Spiritual adviser.  One semester she recommended me for a scholarship when I wouldn’t have been able otherwise to continue my education because my big sister was graduating from the University of the East.  My father couldn’t afford to send both of us to college at the same time.  Sister Una encouraged me to continue my studies and I was granted the scholarship because I was active in SCA and a Catechist. My Dad and Mom were so grateful to the Columban Fathers and Sisters that time.