Ed Locsin

When God Takes All

By Ed Locsin

Ed Locsin is a well –known evangelizer in Bacolod, Negros. He is much love for his gentle and modest approach. Here he shares with us, at the invitation of the Editor, his life’s journey.

Our father had always encouraged us four boys to be independent and self-sufficient. He did not have an hacienda for us to inherit so he pushed us to work hard for a college education. My three brothers all earned their college degrees and Dad expected me to have one, too. However, unlike my brothers and sisters, I did not have the inclination or drive for study. I was impatient to get on with life. Besides, I knew that I was not cut out to be an employee. I wanted to be an entrepreneur and the sooner I got started, the sooner I could realize my goal. After high school, my father allowed me to go to Honolulu and enroll at the University of Hawaii and take up Agricultural engineering, this because of my love for machines. The plan was for me to get my bachelor’ degree in Hawaii and proceed to the Mainland for my master’s. But I had other plans.