Faith S. Lagos

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The Way I Remember ‘Daday”

By Faith S. Lagos

In our lives we experience a lot of things which shape our future.

I was born into a family where everyone believes in God, that God is always the center of our lives. My father is the most disciplined and loving father. My mother is     the light of our family. She is a teacher, a good counselor and the most caring mother in the whole world. My brother is the most handsome brother of all. He loves to play the keyboard and to drive me to school. My sisters are beautiful and charming. My sister Joy is a good singer while my sister Charie is a beauty queen in her own right. I, Faith, am the apple of their eye. I’m the youngest in the family.

We live in a small town named Dueñas. It’s a one-hour drive from the city. It’s a place where people know one other. I live in a two-hectare compound. My grandparents live with us too.