Father Donal Halliden SSC

The Little Way Of St Thérèse

By Father Donal Halliden SSC

Fr Donal Halliden

Fr Donal Halliden is one of four brothers who became priests. Fathers William and Jerome, both Columbans, and Patrick, a diocesan priest, have all gone ahead. Father Donal came to the Philippinesin January 1948 and now works at the Misyon office in Manila. He writes here about the great patroness of missionaries whose feast is 1 October.

Leave It To Lita

By Fr. Donal Halliden mssc

Arriving at O’ Hare International Airport in Chicago on a bitterly cold Winter’s day, I was warmly welcomed by a young Filipino woman who has become a very dear friend. I was pleasantly surprised when she conducted me to where she had parked her Volkswagen “Beetle” and which she then expertly drove trough the busy highways and streets of the “Windy City”. But I am getting ahead of my story...

SCA Leader

They young lady who welcomed me was Angelita Carandang Matick who had been an outstanding leader of Student Catholic Action (SCA) during my tern as chaplain at Centro Escolar University CEU in Manila. Lita Carandang had come from the nearby province of Batangas in 1964 to take up Medical Technology at CEU. Her leadership potential was evident from the beginning and this quickly blossomed in SCA so that she became president o that very active student organizations in 1966, the first to do so in her junior year.