Father Ernesto Amigleo CICM

Inter-Religious Dialogue In Indonesia

By Father Ernesto Amigleo CICM

Fr Bert Layson’s article, ‘Peace Process,’ January-February 2004, based on a talk he gave in Bali, Indonesia, in May 2003, evoked a response from Cathleen E. Caga-anan, a student in Manila which, with another article by Father Bert, inspired this article from a Filipino missionary in Indonesia.

Fr Ernie with a Buddhist monk at a National Seminar on Inter-Religious Dialogue

The Harvest Is Great

By Fr. Ernie Amigleo, CICM

Fr. Ernie Amigleo, though a Filipino, is a Novice Master in an Indonesian Seminary on the island of Celebes. Here he tells us about an exposure program to help the students enter into dialogue with their Muslim surroundings.

Eleven novices with knapsacks on their backs left for the city to start a new program called Dialogue of Life with Islam Families. For two weeks, novice lived with is foster parents’ who belonged to he low-income Javanese Islamic families in the city of Ujung Pandang.

I Will Never Forget My Silver Jubilee

By: Fr. Ernesto Amigleo,CICM

And to show the beautiful simplicity of our people here, I received from them a present which was a bouquet of plastic flowers with a note in English: Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Remote Mountain Village
Three times I celebrated my priestly Silver Jubilee. The third celebration was held in a very remote mountain village, also part of the parish. When people heard I was going to their village they got all excited and without my knowledge they planned something for my visit. I though I would just go there to celebrate the Eucharist with them, but it turned out to be more than that.

I Too Ask Forgiveness

By: Fr. Ernesto Amigleo, CICM

Land of Many Faiths
My name is Fr. Ernesto Amigleo, I am a CICM missionary lining in Indonesia- a country of many faiths but predominantly Muslim. In recent years I have been working close to Muslim community and have got to know them and their big feast deep well.

Idul Fitri
Idul Fitri Day for our Muslim sisters and brothers is a red letter day.. Last year it fell on March 25, 1993. it is a day when they blessed with “original holiness” (fitra), after thirty days of obligatory fasting or Ramadan.

I Chose Indonesia

Fr. Amigleo continues his account of life in Indonesia.

Muslim Lent
A religious phenomenon in Indonesia which I never witnessed before in my life is the Muslin Lebaran. It is a month of feasting which starts from six o’ clock in the morning up to six o’clock in the evening. During this month of Lebaran all activity i.e. school, office works, business, socials are practically at a stand still. The whole city, nay the whole country, observes Lebaran. This, being the case, I started wondering why the Catholic Church in Indonesia had not move moved the Lenten season to coincide with Muslim Lebaran. That, so I thought to myself, would certainly be a very concrete way of expressing solidarity and religious unity.

I Chose Indonesia

By: Fr. Ernesto Amigleo, CICM

I remember many years ago in 1963, as a young novice at the CICM Maryhurst Seminary in Baguio City, my novice master announced to the twelve of us novices that the superior general wanted us to write him about where or which mission country we would like  to go as a missionary. We were asked to name three countries after a few days or discernment, we were ready to write Fr. General. I chose Indonesia as one of my priorities. The other two were Japan and Brazil. There were, of course, reason why I chose Indonesia. They were: 1) because Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country; 2) because it is in Asia; 3) because as a Filipino I can share our Christian faith with our Asian Muslim brothers and sister; and 4) because culturally speaking, Indonesians and Filipino come from the same Malay ancestry.