Father Rufus Halley

A Poem By Fr Rufus

Columban Father Rufus Halley was shot dead in Lanao del Sur on 28 August 2001.

On 19 February this year the Aurora Aragon Peace Foundation and Concerned Women of the Philippines posthumously gave Father Rufus the Aurora Aragon Peace Award ‘for Peace Advocacy and Peace Making.’

The dawn has broken through

The fears and snares of darkness
Are shattered, scattered, put to rout
Hold your head up high, oh man,
And taste the sweetness of morn.

Behold, she’ll rise far to the East
Strong and gentle in silence.
Rejoice, oh man, your freedom’s nigh
The wiles, the winter, snares and shackles are no more

My God, my God, how great you are
For He has set me free.
The lush and fragrant misty dawn
Bejewelled awaits her rising sun

Whilst the morning star retires in silence
Without fanfare, her job well done
And Mother Earth enfolds us all
And bids us drink from her abundant breasts

A Magic Moment In Marawi

By Fr. Rufus Halley mssc

Malabang Marawi

It was Sunday morning in late September. I don’t remember the date, but I’ll never forget the day. Joel was to be buried and the whole parish was in shock and in mourning. Here was a grand young fellow, of deep faith, who was gunned down on his way home for is lunch. Nobody would be picked up for the crime as perpetrator came from an influential Muslim family.