Fr. Abe Sumalinog mssc

The Awakening

By Fr. Abe Sumalinog mssc

A lot of people ask me a serious question: Was becoming a priest your dream since childhood? Since I got used to answering question, I would not meditate too long but answer them simply, “No”.

I Learn To Love Kimchi

By Fr. Abe Sumalinog mssc

I’m now a missionary in Korea. Some years back before my ordination I did my Overseas Training Program here in Korea. That included going to the language school to learn Korean – the hardest part of the training. The Korean language is based on an alphabet like our own languages in the Philippines but it also uses Chinese ideographs or characters which are whole words in themselves; there are 30, 000 Chinese characters so you can imagine the challenge and the confusion for  foreigners trying to read Korean. One has to learn two different and difficult languages at the one time!