Fr. Bart Toledo

The Red Flag Of The Holy Spirit

By Fr. Bart Toledo

One of the many cultural shocks I experienced upon arriving in Brazil was the celebration of the Feast of the Holy Spirit. It is celebrated with unique traditional pomp, lots of noise, a red flag, an “emperador”, a “maestro” and a banquet.

Not One Celebration but Many

The Church has one fixed date for this celebration the Feast of Pentecost. But here in Brazil, any dates suffices according to the needs of a community or of a family-in-charge of the celebration. Usually a community has two days for its annual fiesta, the feast of the patron saint on the first and that of the “Divino Espiritu” on the second. More crowds show up the second day due to the banquet that takes place in the house of the “Emperador”.

Making Haste Slowly

By: Fr. Bart Toledo

The bishop’s advice to me days before my installation as parish of Vila Brasil always echoes in my mind. “Nao precisa correr. Tem que andar devagar. (You don’t have to run. You have to move slowly.

Here I am still moving slowly seven months of being “vigario” of the Paroquia Sao Jose, Vila Brasil, Barreiras.

Lots of Misunderstanding
With my lack of the language and my limited exposure to the parish, I was open to lots of misunderstanding, I was at a loss when a woman came looking for a priest to Baptist a dead child. I never did and never would do such thing for baptism to my understandings is for the living.