Fr Brian Gore

Organic Culture

By Fr Brian Gore

Fr Brian Gore, from Western Australia, was ordained in 1968 and then came to the Philippines, where he was assigned to the southern part of Negros Occidental, at that time in the Diocese of Bacolod but since 1987 the Diocese of Kabankalan, an area where the Columbans have worked since 1950.

We are promoting a programme of subsistence farming in the parish of Oringao, in the mountainous hinterlands of Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, where I worked from 1975 to 1984. I no longer work as parish priest but coordinate any parish related matters with the present parish council. In the old days we were able to organize rallies of up to 10,000 community members determined to protest against abuses by the military, government officials and landlords. We were seen by the Marcos regime as a threat to established power. Seldom before on Negros Island had the poor found a way to stand up to the wealthy and powerful.

The Negros Nine Live On

By Father Brian Gore

Columban Fathers Brian Gore, and Niall O’Brien, along with six lay church-workers were released from jail on 3 July 1984. Fr Vicente Dangan, a priest of the Diocese of Bacolod, had been released some time before that. These men had become known as ‘The Negros Nine’.

In 1983 three priests and six lay workers in Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, were charged with multiple murder. Over the next 14 months of trial and imprisonment they become known worldwide as ‘The Negros Nine’.