Fr. Cresencio Suarin

My Farewell

By Fr. Cresencio Suarin

I arrived at Lahore International Airport via Karachi on April 30, 1993. As I went to the Baggage Claim Area to collect my belongings, to my surprise, my baggage could not be found. However I was assured that I would get it after a few days.

The Lord was asking me to Forgive

By Fr. Cresencio Suarin

Associate Missionary

I’m Fr. Cresencio L. Suarin, known as Dodo, a diocesan priest from Pitogo, Pagadian Diocese, Mindanao. I volunteered to work with the Columban Fathers in Pakistan. I arrived in Pakistan, April 1993. I’m the first Filipino priest to work in Pakistan. There are five Filipino Columban lay missionaries, 15 Filipina sisters of different congregations, one Filipino Brothers of Charity and over a thousand Filipino workers all over Pakistan.