Fr Eamon Sheridan

Remote Education

By Fr Eamon Sheridan

From 1936 until 1979 Columban missionaries ministered in the Diocese of Myitkyina, Myanmar. During those years they worked hard to develop and strengthen the local Myanmar church but they were forced to leave in 1979.

Since leaving the country, the Columbans have tried to continue to support the Diocese. The Columbans always placed great emphasis on education and during one period, they opened 47 primary schools, six middle schools and four high schools.

Death in Taiwan

By: Eamon Sheridan

Fr. Eamon Sheridan is a young Irish Missionary working with Fr. Dodong Redulla and other columbans in Taiwan. Here he tells us of a tragic death and its strange consequences.

Mostly Illegal
It is estimated that there are between 30,000 to 50,000 Filipinos working in Taiwan. Most are working illegally. They have filled a large gap in the labor market, and contributed not insignificantly to the “Taiwan economic miracle.” However like Sri Lankans and other illegal migrants they are forced to live in fear being caught and put in detention center where they can stay for up to six months before they are sent home. Let me tell you a story of two Sri Lankans who I knew.