Fr. Edgardo Espiritu SDB

‘Salaam, I’m Lost’

Memories of Ethiopia

By: Fr. Edgardo Espiritu, SDB

Ethiopia has just emerged from a turbulent period in it’s history. Fr. Espiritu lived there during those 15 traumatic years. He shares with us some of his experiences.

The panoramic view I daily enjoy from my room, perched high on the tower of the Don Bosco  Retreat House in Mambucal, reminds me daily of a far away country, Ethiopia, where I spent almost fifteen years as a missionary. Of course, Mambucal except for the letter Mhas nothing to compare with Makale. Where I now see verdant forest, Makale can only boast of brownish desert sands. But then Makale was 9,000feet above see level, where as now I am only at a barely 1,000 feet. Each has a beauty all its own, as well as memories that are dear to me. One such memorable event would be my first meeting with the young who on May 3, 1992 will be ordained the FIRST ETHIOPIAN PRIEST.

I meet Fessehatson, in a very strange way.