Fr Edito Casipong CICM

Witnessing To Hope In Haiti

By Fr Andrew Labatoria CICM and Fr Edito Casipong CICM 

Father Andrew Labatoria, from Zarraga, Iloilo, joined the CICMs in 1991, and was ordained in 2003. Father Edito Casipong, from Victorias City, Negros Occidental, joined in 1986, and was ordained in 1998. They currently work as the founding pastors of the first CICM parish in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

Haiti of My Dream

By Fr. Edito Casipong, CICM

The Situation

When I was still in Belgium, learning the French language and receive the order to be in Haiti by 15 December 1994, I had hard time deciding whether to go or not to goat the given deadline. Not to go, of course, would automatically mean to celebrate Christmas with those whom I already knew and felt at home, with the five other Filipino CICM destined for Africa. I was wrestling with the temptation to stay with what is already familiar. I wanted to build a tent where I was because the situation seemed to be so secure. I was afraid to cross the bridge of uncertainty that goes with the realization of my dream to be a missionary. But the voice of God was stronger than my human tendencies. I went as requested and in Haiti I was warmly welcomed by my confreres. Little by little, my fears were transformed into feeling of joy and security.