Fr Elie Sangco MSP

My Tiredness Faded Away

By Fr Elie Sangco MSP

The Missionary Society of the Philippines (MSP) was founded by the Philippine Bishops in response to the Pope’s appeal to send more missionaries abroad. Fr Elie Sangco is one of those who answered the Pope’s call and right after his ordination in 1999, he was sent to the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea, whose economy is reliant on mineral, forestry and agricultural exports, is at the moment facing some political unrest and missionaries like Fr Elie are just what the people need to keep their faith and courage going.

Nipike is a mountaintop village, composed of ten families, under the Diocese of Vanimo. I crossed rivers and hiked mountains to get there. It was a tough journey but when I reached the place and saw the lovely smiles on the faces of the people, my tiredness faded away.

MISSION in a mud

By Bro. Elie Sangco, MSP

“Mission in the mud is challenging. Sometimes you feel mad because of the mud. But we are called to serve the people, to experience God in the midst of this awful mud.”
Elie Sangco is now back in the seminary preparing to be a Fil-Mission priest after overseas training in Papua New Guinea. He is the youngest of seven and comes from Poblacion. Pres. Roxas, Cotabato.

Our Mission Station

St. Michael’s Parish is located in Lower Bamu of the Western Province of Papua New Guinea. This one of the most isolated mission stations in the diocese.

This station covers fourteen dispersed villages. Three villages are situated on an island. The rest are on the mainriver. The place is swampy and below sea level. Besides, this place is situated in the mouth of the Papua New Guinea Gulf. That is why during the highest tide the villages are under water which causes the deep mud.