Fr Fintan Murtagh

Melody Lingers On

By Fr Fintan Murtagh

The author is a Columban priest who has worked in the Diocese of Iba, Zambales, since coming to the Philippines in 1964. He is a parish priest and also works with persons with disabilities.

Melody skiing with friends in Japan during the Duskin Leadership Training

Her name was Melody. It must be more than twenty years ago now since I first met her on a Saturday afternoon at the chapel in her barrio. A friend had transported her on a tricycle. She was able to maneuver herself from there. Melody had been severely affected by polio since she was only three or four. The lower part of her body was severely deformed because of this but she moved herself about in a sitting position by propelling her feet with her hands.

We are all Special

By: Fr. Fintan Murtagh SSC

Fr. Fintan Murtagh is a missionary in Luzon for 30 years. His work with the handicapped reveals a true and beautiful Church of the poor which must surely disturb us all and challenge us.

Many people don’t like the sound of the word handicapped. It just does not sound right. It may be offensive to some, especially those concerned. “Special People” or “Mobility Disadvantaged” or any number of other names are used. Personally, I think it betrays an uneasiness that we all experience in the presence of disadvantaged. Allow me to use the term “handicapped” when referring to those special people who suffer some disability. Even the use of the word special is a little misleading because I believe that everyone is special, even myself!