Fr. Jerry Kelleher

The Best Christmas I Ever Have

By: Fr. Jerry Kelleher

Fr. Jerry, a Columban Missionary worked in Burma till he was forced to leave by the government. Though on in years he continued as a missionary in Zambales, Philippines and was a wonderful presence. Here he tells of a beautiful return visit to Burma, now Myanmar, where he saw now the seed had grown. Fr. Jerry has died since he wrote this article. May he rest in peace and may his tireless and beautiful faith live in all of us. Read on:

“We are now approaching Rangoon International Airport. Please fasten your seatbelts.” My dream was finally dream coming true. As the jet ascended my hopes and expectations became almost unbearable. Finally the whirring jet stopped and I stepped on Burmese soil again after 13 long years.

Closed Door
Since the 1962 coup Burma had closed its doors to all the foreigners. As no more Columbans were allowed to enter the country our mission was forced to close in 1979. When I left after working there for 40 years I never thought I would see Burma again.