Fr John Ryan

Where He Could Find God

By Father John Ryan

This is a slightly edited version of the homily given on 9 October 2005 by Fr John Ryan, pastor of St Brendan the Navigator, Ormond Beach, Florida, on the fifth anniversary of the death of Columban Father Eamonn Gill, killed in an accident while working temporarily in the parish. Father Gill was one of the pioneering Columbans who came to Negros in 1950. He spent almost 50 years there, often in very difficult situations, but never losing his sense of humor.

This weekend, we remember the anniversary of the tragic death of Fr Eamonn Gill. I’m sure many of you remember Father Eamonn . . . So, what I thought I’d do was look over my homily from his funeral Mass and see what my thoughts were then. We keep memories sacred by telling stories about those who have left this life . . . today we remember with great affection the story of Fr Eamonn Gill.