Fr Liam Dunne SVD

The Little Way

By Fr Liam Dunne SVD

The author remembers the founder of ‘The Little Way’ - Mary Doohan, who died on 29 August. The article, with additional material from Columban Father Michael Doohan, brother of Mary, is used with permission of The Word, Fr Michael Doohan has been in Negros since 1953. His older brother, Father John, who is very ill at the time of writing, went to Mindanao in 1948 and was transferred to the new mission in Negros in 1950 where he worked for the next 50 or so before ill-health forced him to retire to Manila. Catholics reading The Universe or The Irish Catholic will, undoubtedly, over the years, have noticed an advertisement for a charity called ‘The Little Way’. It regularly seeks donations for various outreach projects, such as the recent ‘Little Way Burma cyclone Appeal’. At other times it seeks funds to help Christians in the developing world who haven’t the means with which to build a church, or who can’t afford the cost of a training program for seminarians.