Fr Neil Collins MSSC

Slow Learner

By Fr Neil Collins MSSC

“Young people today find it very difficult to make a permanent commitment.”  I’ve heard this many times in recent years, and to some extent I can understand what they mean, because of my own mixed-up history. Many years ago I became a priest, then left the priesthood, and heard God’s call again.

The Magic Of Ordination Day

By Fr. Neil Collins

There is such a long preparation for ordination--sometimes 12 years--that no wonder it’s a day of magic and a day of destiny. Fr. Neil Collins tells us about Abe Sumalinog’s big day and Fr. Abe shares his personal feelings.

Fr Abe presents himself.

Our neighbor’s rooster woke us early which was just as well for the bus to Kumalarang was at the door just after 6:30am. Within minutes, we were all on board and climbing the hill to Dumalinao. We reminisced about all kinds of farces and tragedies and fell silent as bus passed the cemetery where one of our Columban confreres is buried. A flat tire stopped us briefly in Tubud, a place of cool and clear mountain air. Nobody complained at the delay but all enjoyed the sun or the sound of falling water. Further down the same barrio somewhere was Abe’s house. Them, we were out of the hills into broad rice fields of Kumalarang.

Pinoy's in the Emerald Isle

By Fr. Neil Collins

When I was in Seminary our professors taught us about using the bible, how to say Mass and baptize, and how to preach. But what about people who don’t go to Church? How do I preach the Good News of God’s love to them? They didn’t teach me that. But... Desi Mina, near three years old, showed me one way: She introduced me to her sandbox.

Confident Christian Women

By: Fr. Neil Collins

A couple of years ago, I spent a week in Pakistan, visiting our three Filipina Lay missionaries: Pilar Tilos, Emma Pabera, and Gloria Canama. As the Columban lay mission co-coordinator for the Mindanao in the Philippines, the experience was invaluable for me. It has coloured all I’ve said and done since.

Free in Pakistan

By: Neil Collins

On Visit to Pakistan
The feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, I was appointed as Lay Mission Coordinator for the Columbans in Mindanao. After ten good years in various parishes in Zamboanga del Sur I found it difficult to move into a new, unknown assignment. Then, in September, I was able to spent A week in Pakistan and to witness the work of three Filipina lay missionaries Pilar Tilos and Emma Pabera from Negros Occidental, and Gloria Canama from Misamis Occidental. The experience has colored all I’ve said and done since.