Fr Oliver McCrossan

Dealing Positively With Life Despite Uncertainties

By Ric Vincent M. Dumaog
(Introduction by Fr Oliver McCrossan)

By any standards, Ric Dumaog is an extraordinary young man. He was stricken with polio when only nine months old leaving him paralyzed in both legs. Despite his disability, he graduated with a degree in accountancy. Married with three young children, Ric is a founding member and president of STAND, an organization actively campaigning for persons with disabilities in Ozamiz City. Being very determined, he took up law studies and is now in his final year. He writes below about his life.

Pedaling To Live: The Journey Continues

By Fr Oliver McCrossan

This report was sent in February by Father McCrossan and the Management Team of 'Pedaling to Live'.

'There are nine million bicycles in Beijing . . .' These are the opening words of a song of Katie Melua. That's Beijing! This is Ozamiz City, Philippines, and there are 74 tricycles, few by Beijing's standards, but providing a reliable, pollution-free transport service for hundreds of people, and a living for the drivers and their families.

Pedaling To Live

by Fr Oliver McCrossan

More than 3,000 pedicab drivers in Ozamiz City endure grueling work and long hours to support their families. Here are two of their stories. Columban Father Oliver McCrossan came to thePhilippines from Ireland in 1976.

Josefina pedals passengers like these through Ozamiz streets on his three-wheeled pedicap called a sika-sikad