Fr. Orlando Cantillon CMF

Just Kill Him

By: Fr. Orlando Cantillon, CMF

Fr. Orlando Cantillon is a Claretian Missionary in Kupang, Indonesia Timor. Not to be confused with East Timor which is a former Portuguese colony and is recognized by the United Nations as independent.

Here in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province which includes West Timor, Flores, Sumba, there have been systematic provocations to hurt the feelings of the Catholics. It started in the Island of Flores where the majority of population are Catholics, about 56%. Almost a weekly occurrence, in one parish church or chapel, a Christian fundamentalist or a Muslim youth will attend the Eucharistic celebration. During the communion rite, she or he will receive the Sacred Host and then perpetrate a sacrilege either by smashing the Host until it is broken into small pieces or else throwing the host on the floor and stamping on it. And this is done in public to be seen by all.

A Filipino Missionary In East Timor

By: Fr. Orlando Cantillon, cmf

Off we Go
After waiting for two years for our visa, the day finally arrived for me and two other Claretian priests namely, Fr. Manuel Sunaz and Fr. James Nadakal, to leave the Philippines and open up a new mission in East Timor Indonesia. On May 6, 1990, we finally set foot in Dili, the Capital of East Timor and to our great surprise the Bishop, Mons. Carlo Ximenes Belo, SBD and a couple of priests from the Diocese were at the airport to give us a warm welcome. It was a touching moment and a beautiful beginning for the three of us.