Fr Pat Sayles

That Famous Struggle With Satan

By Fr Pat Sayles, SSC

After Jesus was baptized by John at the River Jordan he was driven by the Spirit into the wilderness. The arid area that stretches westward from the River Jordan towards Jerusalem, and southward by the Dead Sea, is known as the Wilderness of Judea. We can surmise that it was here, in the harsh desert of Judea, that Jesus contended with the power of Satan that sought to divert him from his mission.


By Fr. Pat Sayles

Key text for the Jubilee

The spirit of the Lord is upon me He has anointed me To bring good news to the poor, To bind up hearts that are broken, To proclaim liberty to prisoners, To set the downtrodden free, To herald the Lord’s year of favour. (Isaiah 61)

Edward J Galvin: Trail – Blazer For God

By Fr Pat Sayles

Seventy – Five Years Ago Edward Galvin set out for China

It was a step into the unknown, a step taken in faith. God had called him, and he wanted so much to respond, to follow his Lord even to the ends of the earth. Yet he found it so hard to leave his loved ones, especially his mother. He loved her more than all the world and perhaps he was going to China never to see her again. Although heartbroken, he resolutely set his face towards China. So began one of the most exciting pages of modern mission history. His exploits inspired many talented young men to follow him along the trail to China that he had blazed.