Fr Romeo G. Nimez cicm

Land of Eternal Spring......But

Fr. Romeo Nimez, CICM

GUATEMALA IS WIDELY Known as the “Land of Eternal Spring. Because of its beautiful attractions, the varied and pleasant climate, the breathtaking scenery of ocean views, lakes and active volcanoes and the beautiful women. But, to many inhabitants of Guatemala, this country is also called the land of eternal bolos, bolas, and balas, that is, drunks, rumors and bullets. This combination makes Guatemala a truly interesting, unique and complicated country.

Fr. Romeo Nimez, CICM was born in Anao – aon, Surigao del Norte. He was joined the CICM group in Maryhurst Seminary, Baguio City and his novitiate and theology in Maryhill Seminary, in Taytay Rizal. Fr. Romeo’s first mission assignment was in Guatemala. He as been the Provincial Superior of the CICM mission for six years and recently he was appointed as parish priest in one of the marginal urban areas of the city.

The Foxes Have Lairs

In Guatemala poverty and homelessness are the direct results of concentration of land in a few hands; 65% of the land belongs to a small minority who are growing richer all the time because of this situation.  Three out of four Guatemalans are very poor and live in very ineadequate housing, with the direct result that infant mortality is 170 for every 1000.  There is no sharing, not even a little, by those few who own thousands of acres -some properties extending from the volcanos to the sea --with the majority who spend sleepless nights in vercrowed shacks worrying about how to earn a few centavos the next day for their families.

FATHER ROMEO G. NIMEZ, CICM, from the Philippines, who writes this article, has been a missionary in Guatemala for five years.  While working in the parish of Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa in the department of Escuintla along the Pacific Ocean,  Father Nimez is also the CICM Vocation Director in Guatemala.