Fr. Rudy Fernandez sj

My Buddhist Family

By Fr. Rudy Fernandez, sj

I would like you to meet my friends Akihiro and Noriko Yoshida. They are special. They both come from traditionally Buddhist families. Akihiro’s mother is a very devout Buddhist. Noriko received her high school and college education at a school run by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

Suddenly There was Silence

By: Fr. Rudy Fernandez SJ

A Filipino Jesuit teaching in Japan for a half a century, decided to tell the truth to the students-with beautiful results.

Summer Camp
One of the most important items of the summer curriculum for the junior high students is the summer camp. Our school has a campsite by a lake up in the mountains about fifty kilometers from the city. The boys stay at the camp for four days. Half of them stay at the unfurnished log cabin with just straw mats for sleeping and half of then stay in tents. After a couple of days they exchange places, those in the cabins go to the tents and those in the tents to the cabins.

For ‘Better or For Worse’ is Better

By: Fr. Rudy Fernandez, SJ

Fr. Rudy Fernandez is the first Society of Jesus (SJ) Pinoy missionary in Japan. He came to Japan in 1955. He was ordained after theological studies in Tokyo in 1962. He is presently teaching English and religion at the Jesuit high school in Hiroshima, Hiroshima Gakuin. One of his missions is advising and marrying young people in love.

Kyoko spent her junior and senior high school years- from twelve to eighteen- in Hiroshima jogakuin, a Protestant girl’s school in the city. She became acquainted with the Bible and Christian hymns and came to love them there. She was not a Christian herself, but that did not make her a rarity. Most of her fellow students were not Christian either. Buddhist and indifferent, mostly; typical of the student population of most Christian schools in Japan, more popularly known as mission schools. During those six she came to me with her friend Yukiko once a week to learn practical, conversational English.