Fr. Rudy Ramos CICM

The Smile of a Child is worth It

By Fr. Rudy Ramos, CICM


On the playground of Sao Martinho, a six year old child is crying alone. Her name is Luciana but everybody calls her Suru. She has just quarreled with her friends in kindergarten. On her shoulder is the mark of the burns. They told me that year ago her mother had heated a spoon and hit the shoulder of Suru. The mother was drunk. Three years before her husband had left her. 

Death on the Streets

By Fr. Rudy Ramos, CICM


“Oh, he died?”
What do you think? He is there lying covered with news paper. And we policemen, what do you think we are supposed to do here?”
“Well, you are right. He is dead. Can I take a look?”
“For what? You might get scared…”
“No! No! I’ll not get scared.
Can I take a look?”