Fr. Sean Farrell

Those Who Make Reform Impossible...

By Sean Farrell, Columban lay missionary

Chiquita Redosendo, a 27-year –old mother of two, comes from the small village of San Vicente, Bukidnon. I met her when she, alongside her companions, took the drastic step of going on a hunger strike to protest what has been happening to them. This was in October 1997 but their story begins long before this.

Earth can't belong to us, for we belong to it

By Fr. Sean Farell

 Sean Farell is a Columban lay missionary in Mindanao where he tries to help the ‘lumads’ in their struggles for a little land to live on recently the ‘lumads’ have been forced to go on o hunger strike to get their land returned to them. This poem has been born out of their tears. Here is an extract:

Many different faces
March a single beat
Footsteps fall together
In mid-day summer’s heat.