Freya Carmona

By Freya Carmona

Dear Sister Grace,

As I was reading your story Strange Encounter ((March-April) I was inspired by the goodness of the Lord in the way he worked a miracle for you. I can relate to your story.

One time I went to Bacolod, three hours from home, just to refresh myself after busy school days. I stayed at my aunt's house. After a couple of days I needed to go home for school the following day. When I went to the bus terminal I opened my wallet to find that I had only P70. I suddenlyremembered that my aunt forgot to remind me about the money my mom had left with her for me. I wanted to go back to her house but realized that if I did, I’d miss the last trip to San Carlos City and wouldn’t be able to go to school the following day. So I decided to wait until the bus left.