Gabriela Chin


By: Gabriela Chin

Berulo is still very young. He became handicapped through an accident, three years ago. But he always keeps smiling and is very positive person. He is young. So he is always interested in women. When he meets me, he asks me many questions. You are a lay missionary? Can you get married? Do you like Filipinos?


By: Gabriela Chin

A Columban Lay Missionary

Gabi, a Korean lay missionary, working with the Columbans in Manila tells a little story about her encounter with Isagani a handicapped Muslim staying at Balay Kakayaban - a special training home for the handicapped.

From Korea with Love and

By: Gabriella Shin

My Widowed Mother Objected
Before I left Korea, I worked on the parish catechetical programs in my spare time. My widowed mother really objected to my plan to go to the Philippines as a lay missionary. So I prayed and plotted the way o my mother’s heart- through my parish priest. Instead of helping me, however he thought I was crazy. He wanted me to continue working in our Korean parish, and said I should leave Filipinos alone, and not be imposing strange Korean ideas on them. He really teased me when he said they were poor and hungry, and that they would only have another mouth to feed and less food for themselves if I were there- he knew my appetite, it seems.