Giovanni A. Solibio

Asian Youth Day Cross visits the Young People of Bacolod

By Giovanni A. Solibio

The author, a teacher by profession, is a volunteer staff member of the Commission on Youth of the Diocese of Bacolod.

While staring at the Cross as it was being carried by some young people of Panay, a feeling of excitement and joy invaded my whole being. The noise of the crowd and the vehicles moving to and fro reminded me of the awesome presence of the Cross. I was so preoccupied then with how the Commission on Youth staff together with the council and the young people of Bacolod could provide accommodation for all. In spite of this, I was able to focus on the Cross as we commenced the caravan around the city passing the different schools with the welcoming students lining the streets. As the Cross visited every corner of each young person’s heart and soul, the power of the icon of God’s love for humanity was so vividly evident. I felt a desire of wanting Christ present to these young people and for the unfolding revelation of God`s love to all people. That very significant moment was strangely distinctive in the sense that it brought about a transfiguration, even for a short period of time, in the lives of the welcoming crowd.