Gloria Greganda

Woman - behold thy Son

By Gloria Greganda

The author, from Calamba, Laguna, returned home this year after having worked for 25 years in Hong Kong. This article first appeared in the Mabuhay section of Sunday Examiner, the English-language weekly of the Diocese of Hong Kong.

I am always struck by the thought of what Mary, the mother of Jesus, experienced as she watched her Son being crucified. I always imagine her pain. Her anguish over her Son’s suffering must be really incomparable.

This reminds me of when my daughter gave birth. As I watched her suffer the labor pains, I wanted to take away her pain and bear it myself, so she would not suffer—how much more Mary, whose Son died before her very eyes. Truly, a mother’s endurance is worth admiring.

In the world we live in, many stories have come and gone, stories about mother and child, some very touching and moving, some painful and some inspiring.

As migrant mothers, we too have our share of ups and downs whether in work or in personal life.