Hidden Pearl

Flight 306 – SMR Delayed... Waiting In Hope...

By ‘A Hidden Pearl’

The author is a contemplative nun who has written for Misyon a number of times before. ‘Flight 306’ isn’t that of any airline company but refers to the code number of ‘A Hidden Pearl’ in her community.

We missionaries, share the mission of Jesus. As his disciples our mission is: ‘TO LOVE GOD IS TO SERVE ONE ANOTHER, AND TO SERVE GOD IS TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER.’ We are on a journey striving to live as Jesus lived so that our lives may be fruitful for others when we die. Life is short, eternity long. We have only this brief lifetime to receive love, deepen love, grow in love, and give love. What a wonderful way for us missionaries to witness to the GOD of LOVE as his beloved children like his only Beloved Son JESUS on whom his favor rests. Our revered Co-foundress Mother Mary Michael left us a simple maxim on how to live in the following guiding principles of her life.

‘Live quietly with God
Work gladly for God
View things from God’s viewpoint
Talk things over with God
Glow with zeal for the glory of God
Find your joy in God
Rest deep in the Heart of God.’

Adoration And Contemplation: Priority In Mission

By ‘A Hidden Pearl’

Here we publish the last of a three-part reflection by a ‘Pink Sister,’ now 82, who prefers to be known to our readers as ‘A Hidden Pearl.’ The official name of the congregation is ‘Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration’, www.adorationsisters.org . The Sisters have six monasteries in the Philippines.

Jesus chose to live the hidden, humble Nazareth life for 30 long years – years of an uneventful succession of prayer, work, silence and solitude in the company of Mary and Joseph. This was a phase in Jesus’ mystery of which Scripture speaks in a few terse words: ‘and He was subject to them...He grew in wisdom and grace!’ We have been called to the same simple, humble and hidden life – not for just 30 years but for life!

‘Epiphanies Of The Lord’ In My Daily Life

Here we publish the second part of a three-part reflection by a ‘Pink Sister’ who prefers to be known to our readers as ‘A Hidden Pearl.’ The official name of the congregation is ‘Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration.’ There are Filipino Sisters on mission in Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia and Togo in addition to Sisters in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the USA.

Reflections Of The Heart

How does it feel to be in your eighties?
With gaze steady on the dawn of eternity . . .
With failing eyesight that dims with each passing day . . .
With deficient hearing that strains to catch some words . . .
With arthritic fingers that still produce wonderful works of art . . .
With toes deformed with rheumatoid arthritis . . .
With unsteady steps that wobble in measured pace . . .
With diabetes, scoliosis, emphysema to bear with . . .
What a ‘wreckage’ after 81 long and fruitful years!

But all these will once again shine
And gain their former luster
Once on the eternal shore
In the embrace of our Triune God
Resting in His bosom will glory
The precious ‘PEARL’ for all eternity.