Johnny Hagad

Death Where is Thy Sting

By Johnny Hagad

Titay Hagad, a life long committed Christian and our own dear promoter of MISYON, departed this life two years ago, Johnny, her husband, has kindly given us permission to print the following from the book he wrote, Looking Back for Tomorrow.

It was on the Eve of Christmas of 1995 when a bolt fell from the sky. For sometime, Titay had been coughing but we both dismissed it as caused by the weather. By December, however, I had become worried by its persistence and on December 24th I told her we had better consult a doctor. She agreed to go to the hospital for a medical check-up, after the New Year, we flew to Manila for the Scan, Dr. Villalon confirmed tour worst fears. It was positively lung cancer which had already spread, asked what he suggested for treatment, the doctor said: “Don’t touch it. Just live as normal a life as you can.”