Josephine ‘Jhoesie’ Lumbiyan

Finding My Home

Dearest Father Seán and staff,

Prayerful greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus! I was inspired to write after reading three issues of MISYON which my aunt lent me.

I had already become interested in obtaining a copy of your magazine after reading some stories from it in the Sunday Examiner. So it was a great blessing to have it through my aunt. I considered it as God’s manifestation of His unconditional love for me. All the contents nourish my soul. All the life stories of our dear missionaries are very inspiring and challenging. When I read the January-February 2006 issue only last May due to numerous borrowers, I was really struck by the life shared by Melissa Andrea M. Kayahon when she said, ‘I have learned the deeper meaning of happiness and fulfillment – that this can be achieved not by seeking fun and pleasure alone but by giving one’s self, including your time, talent and resources to make others happy’. This is really true for us migrant workers, especially my fellow workers who commit themselves to volunteer in religious organizations during our holidays.