Jun Daryl Zamora

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By Jun Daryl Zamora

A funny thing happened to me one afternoon in school. I was doing my usual school-garden work when my father, who is a teacher in our school, summoned me to do an errand.

While walking I was complaining. I had a headache and a cough at the time. My steps were heavy and my thoughts were as gray as the sky. But then I saw something that stirred my interest – the white-washed rocks that served as a boundary between an okra patch and the pathway. I knew it was unbecoming for a third year high school student like me to walk on them, doing his best not to lose his balance and fall, but I risked my poise in doing it anyway. At first I was really at ease. Then I stepped on an unsteady rock. It was round and it started to roll back and forth! Quickly I sought my balance, flinging my arms in the air. I knew there were people around me, and I was desperate not to fall! But…BLAG!