Junjun Paña Bonhayag

The Heart's Hunger

By Junjun Paña Bonhayag

The story of my life started when my mother and father fell in love and got married in Immaculate Conception Parish, Catigbian, Bohol, in 1970. I came into existence on 3 September 1983.

My childhood years had been chock-full of historic bits and pieces – a life mixed with happiness and sadness, love and hatred, wellness and suffering. Though a weak and sickly child, my parents unwaveringly took good care of me.

By Fr Joseph Panabang SVD


It was a newly painted pedestrian crossing at Sunyani junction. Children are supposed to pick up a red placard waving it to the drivers wile walking to the other side. Just when we were about to cross a child ran across without a placard and simultaneously. Sr. Brenda Guieb, SSpS an I shouted in panic, “Eh, eh, eh...while screeching to a halt. Luckily we missed the boy by just half inch. After a moment, I sighed. “What perfect collaboration between an SVD and an SSpS sister.”