Lhea Khatrina Vizcarra

By Lhea Khatrina Vizcarra

A young reader reflects on the article on Father Aedan McGrath and his touching story of friendship with a little bird, while he was in prison.

Dear Father Seán,

It’s my first time to read Misyon. This periodical was distributed to us only in our fourth year of high school. As I was scanning the pages in this magazine, the article A Heavenly Farewell caught my eye. I got interested and so I read it and found it so amazing. It’s about a man who found a true friend in a little bird while he himself was in a prison cell.

In my own understanding, the bird signifies the presence of Jesus, that even a little innocent creature can be an image of God and an instrument of his love. Every creature has the guts to be a friend of everybody, and I guess birds are loyal fellows. They are sweet creatures that look for peace.