Louise Patrizia Dizon

‘Evangelizing The Digital Continent’

By Louise Patrizia Dizon
2nd Consolation Prize Winner

The author is in Fourth Year, Section St Monica, St Scholastica's Academy – Bacolod, Bacolod City.

Do you feel incomplete whenever you leave your cell phone at home? Do you panic whenever there is no internet connection? Do you go crazy whenever you can’t watch a TV show due to power failure? Do you ever feel irritated whenever you leave your digital camera at home while on a trip? Well, I guess, I can say that it has gotten normal to feel such feelings whenever we’re ‘detached’ from the different gadgets and other forms of technology that have been playing important roles in our daily lives. Indeed, we’re already living in a world that demands the use of high technology. ‘Digital’ - this is how our generation is being labeled. We are living in a time when we can’t work or carry out tasks without the aid of gadgets. I, for example, communicate with my friends through texting. I also communicate with my parents abroad through texting, phone calls, and even online chat and electronic mail. As a student, I can be better with the help of the fast-search, one-click, easy-access internet connection which paves a broader way for more necessary information about given topics to students like me, also.