Lovelette B. Gonzaga

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Windows of Opportunity

By Lovelette B. Gonzaga

The sky was bright that Sunday afternoon as I was lying on our roof facing the beautiful velvet blue sky God was sharing with me. The leaves of the mahogany tree swayed to the rhythm of the gentle breeze that caressed my sleepy and stressful face. All this beauty unfolding before my eyes was enough to cheer me up and make me feel relaxed despite problems disturbing my brain.

Unwanted visitor

A young woman together with a man and a classmate from my high school days came to the house looking for me. Grandma yelled, ‘Candy, someone’s looking for you downstairs.’ At first I pretended that I didn’t hear and closed my eyes. But when Grandma continued calling and searching for me I ran down the stairs trying to hide from her. The three visitors had come to ask my help by inviting me to join their Choral Ministry, as they really needed a soprano.