Ma. Brenda Villarin DC

Ethiopia will Stretch Out Her Hands To God

By: Ma. Brenda Villarin, DC

 In those days I was at the peak of my practice as a member of the Cardio-vascular team at home in the Philippines. I truly loved my work. To be away even just for half a day was too much. The Sisters and my Superior teased me saying “We can hardly remember what you look like. We hardly see you.” Then a letter came from Paris informing me of the decision of the General Council to send me to Ethiopia (1976). I could not believe my eyes. I know I did offer some years back (perhaps 1967 or ‘68) but “not now Lord. I’m far too happy to let go of my community, my work and friends and to be far away from home.” It was a difficult decision to make but I made it and left for Ethiopia.

I was hungry I was homeless, and...

By: Sr. Brenda Villarin, D. C.

Missionary in Ethiopia

Throughout the 14 years of my missionary work in Ethiopia our Lord has filled me with “good things.” What good things? The opportunity to minister to His needy people in the re-settlement village, people relocated by the government from the famine stricken area to more verdant farm lands