Maricel Bedra

WYD Diary

By Maricel Bedra

‘VENIMUS ADORE EUM!’ ‘We have come to worship Him!’ The World Youth Day (WYD) gathering of young (and old) inCologne, focused on faith that is centered on Jesus and the Eucharist, wasn’t for my group just a day event but twelve days of prayer, worship and friendship.

The author, from Victorias City, Negros Occidental, takes care of an elderly couple in Dublin, Ireland, where she is also actively involved with the Legion of Mary.

Who Will Climb The Mountain Of The Lord?

By Maricel Bedra

Today Catholic Ireland is going through a crisis. Undreamed of wealth has arrived along with a nightmare of scandals. Young people struggle to deal with the new reality. Some leave the church, some drift into indifference, a small but growing number even commit suicide. But some remain faithful and Maricel Bedra, a Columban Lay Missionary from the Philippines, joined these youthful people in an arduous pilgrimage of the Holy Mountain, the mountain of Patrick, the original apostle of Ireland. She shares the experience with us.