Marie Jeanne Therese M. Apacible

Dear Father Sean,

After all the periodicals we had in school, I managed to read the Misyon Magazines that the school is providing. Reading them was not a mere obligation or a responsibility for me but a mission personally. An article from the youth’s page entitled “Searching for a Best Friend”, completely brought me to a halt and pause for a while. The writer found her best friends and it was none other than Jesus. “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

It often occurred to me the feeling of being left out and neglected. Maybe it’s because of me being too possessive of my friends. I have a lot of friends in school or simply I know a lot of people. I allow myself to make friends with other people and learn how to deal with them. But I never had the usual relationship with a best friend. It’s not in my social life to have one. But if time tells me I won’t miss the chance.