Mitzi Ramos

In Rainbow Colors

By Mitzi Ramos

Who knew that a letter of appreciation would be the beginning of eighteen years ' heavenly humor from the mission front to the lap of urban readers? This is exactly how the experiences of an isloated Ghanaian missionary found their way into the pages of Misyon. It is my pleasure to introduce the real Father Joeker. From Joseph Panabang SVD.

Father Joe hails from Gaang,which according to him is a small village. Found in the mountains of Kalinga, the native culture is still quite alive and has been preserved. Father Joe proudly declares that his ancestry is that of the original settlers of the region, with no foreign bloodline mixed in. He is the youngest of a brood of twelve and the only one who has gone beyond elementary studies. He attributes his vocation to the presence of the CICM missionaries in Kalinga who were welcomed by his father into their home even in the absence of being able to offer food, which other locals thought was what the missionaries required. He remembers vividly walking behind the CICM missionary who would go around the playground praying the rosary.

New Year In February

By Mitzi Ramos

May Fernandez dropped by our editorial office in Bacolod City, where she’s from, before returning to Taiwan for her second three-year term as a Columban lay missionary. Among other things, she shared with Mitzi Ramos how reading Misyon led her to where she is now.

The author with some of her Taiwanese students