Nelda Natividad

It Starts with a Dream

By Nelda Natividad

The Legion of Mary in the Philippines has been sending out Incolae (the plural of Incola!) or lay missionaries to Micronesia and Melanesia for some years now. These lay missionaries support themselves and help strengthen the Church through the Legion of Mary. Nelda Natividad tells us how she has now moved on from being an Incola (part time missionary) to extension worker.

A Dream

As Incola Mariae volunteer, I started as a College Teacher at the Divine Word Institutes in Madang, Papua New Guinea. With fellow Incola-teachers, I organized praesidia among the students and other teachers. When my contact with the school, I was fortunate to get a job where my training as a Certified Accountant would be of use.

Our Name is Legion

By Nelda Natividad

NELDA NATIVIDAD is a member of that extraordinary apostolate: The Legion of Mary whose members believe that through the gentleness and tenderness of Mary the world can be brought to healing in Christ.

My job in the Tourist Hotel had afforded me the opportunity to meet missionaries who passed through Madang and my favorite query to them was. Do you have the Legion of Mary in your area?” Thus if they answered in the affirmative, we immediately has a mutual subject to share. If the Legion of Mary was still not existing then briefly I introduced myself as a Legionary from the Philippines and an Incola Mariae here in Madang. As such, I could help in organizing units. Once won over, I would furnish the Priest with the Legion Handbook, a translated edition in Pidgin. I have enough Legion of Mary handouts handy in my desk for this purpose.